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Are you struggling with everyday cash flow issues with your business?

Relax. We are here to help. Having your finance ready to go can be a huge relief for a small business owner. You don’t have to worry; we have you covered!

Are you a business owner needing a working capital business loan with no hidden fees, surprises or hassle?

To get started you need
An ABN or ACN | To be registered for GST | Australian based

The Sparrow Loans Advantage for your Working Capital Business Loan

A smooth experience from start to finish


Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We assess your working capital business loan application quickly and will come back to you within 2 business days.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


Whether you are a business borrower or a referral partner, you will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you through the application process.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We work hard to give you a smooth application process with clear requirements. You can be sure that our funds are ready to settle when your loan is approved.

Key Features

  • Interest Rates from 6.5% p.a.
  • Up to 75% LVR
  • No minimum term
  • No application or commitment fees
  • Approval within 2 business days
  • NSW, VIC & QLD Property accepted
  • Flexible Repayments available
  • Quick release of funds

Our Working Capital Business Loans

Working Capital Business Loans - Sparrow Loans

How can you use our property-backed working capital business loans?

Running a business can be challenging as you’re responsible for all your business departments. You have to manage the marketing, sales, operations, purchasing, accounting and much more. It’s no surprise that businesses find themselves overwhelmed when organising their business or planning tax time. As a private lender, we can approve your loan within 2 business days and settle within a few weeks.

You can use our business loans to finance new equipment, inventory, working capital, tax debt or pull the trigger on a time-sensitive opportunity. Managing your accounts payable can be stressful when your debtors do not pay you on time. Organising cash flow finance or trade finance facilities may be too expensive when other lenders can help you lean on your property portfolio. Obtaining a property-backed small business loan can result in a much cheaper interest rate than an unsecured loan.

With unsecured loan rates so high, getting a secured working capital loan will be more cost-effective than an unsecured loan. Consider the Sparrow Loans Working Capital Loan if you need capital to meet cash flow shortfalls for periods throughout the year. Meet your short-term operational costs by releasing equity in your property. You can choose to capitalise your repayments into the facility for the duration of the loan term or pay your interest monthly.



Business Lending Options – what’s the best for you?

Working Capital business loans - Sparrow Loans

Why choose us?

  • Our flexible repayment options

Our flexible repayment options combined with our flexible loan terms make our working capital loan an ideal choice for a business with a short-term blip on its cash flow management. We offer flexible repayment structures depending on your business strategy. We consider the length of time you want the loan and how you plan to exit it. We can consider principal and interest (P & I) payments, interest-only (IO) payments or capitalised facilities that include the interest cost into the loan term. Our lending requirements are not as strict as the bank as we try to understand your business’s unique position and strategy.

Our lending requirements are not as strict as the bank as we try to understand your business’s unique position and strategy. There is no one size fits all with small businesses, and we know that. As a private lender, we can approve your loan within 2 business days and settle within a few weeks. Having your finance ready to go can be a huge relief for a business owner – you don’t have to worry; we have you covered!

  • Choose your working capital loan term

Whether you need a loan for one month or 12 months, we give you the flexibility to choose your loan term. Your company must be at least 12 months old to access working capital business loans. You must register for GST and domiciled in Australia with Australian directors. We lend against property located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We can consider property in metro locations up to 70% LVR and regional locations up to 65% LVR.

Apply in 3 easy steps & get approval within 2 business days.

Step 1

Complete our working capital business loan application form online – this takes about 5 minutes

Step 2

Get a Letter of Offer within 2 business days with our rates, fees & any additional information required to proceed to unconditional approval

Step 3

Receive your short term loan within 2 weeks

Working Capital Business Loan Requirements

  • Current ABN
  • Current Australian business address
  • Registered for GST
  • All directors and owners of the business to be Australia-based
  • Must be in business for at least 12 months
  • Property security
  • Loan Serviceability (if the interest is not capitalised within the loan facility)
  • Clear exit strategy

Working Capital Business Loans FAQs

See some of the questions our clients ask us all the time about our working capital business loans.


What is a working capital loan?

Investopedia describes a working capital loan as a loan that is taken to finance a company’s everyday operations. These loans are not used to buy long-term assets or investments and are, instead, used to provide the working capital that covers a company’s short-term operational needs.

What type of business would need a working capital loan?

All types and sizes of businesses can use a working capital loan. Tradies can use it to help with the daily running of a business; professionals can use it to pay staff, and service industries can use a working capital loan to pay for inventory and supplies. Any business may require extra cash to help them keep solvent, which is where a working capital loan comes in handy.

When to get a working capital loan?

If your business is experiencing some quiet times and is perhaps seasonal, you’ll need a working capital loan to help with everyday expenses. A working capital loan will help your business through the tough times to prepare itself for better trading periods.

Can I use a working capital business loan to pay staff?

Can I use a working capital business loan to pay staff?

It’s pretty standard, especially during quiet periods for businesses to run out of cash flow. Business owners will need extra cash or working capital to pay for the daily running of the company, which includes paying staff payroll, superannuation, and tax debts associated with staff such as IAS and payroll tax. A working capital loan is a fantastic way to keep your business ticking along nicely and your staff happy.

Can I use a working capital business loan for inventory purchases?

Using a working capital business loan to purchase extra stock or inventory is the perfect solution to ensure that you don’t miss any business opportunities such as bulk-order sales or last-minute deals. If there’s a deal out there, you want to have the cash in the bank to snap it up! With Sparrow Loans, you can utilise your property portfolio to access capital for any business purpose.

What are the benefits of a working capital loan?

There are many benefits of a working capital loan which include:

  • You get access to cash quickly when you need it. With a Sparrow Loan, you get approval within 2 business days.
  • You don’t have to relinquish any ownership of your business.
  • You can pay it back quickly; when the good times start.
  • You can spend the capital/cash on anything business-related; stock, wages, rent, inventory, even the staff Xmas party!
  • Cash flows fluctuate over a business’s life cycle, and a working capital loan steadies the bank balances when times are tough, and money isn’t coming in fast enough to pay the daily bills.
How long does the working capital loan process take?

It takes just 5 minutes to apply online. Once we have all your information, your working capital funds are approved within 2 business days, and we can have the funds in your account in about two weeks. You deal with a dedicated loan specialist who will keep you up to date throughout the loan process.

What terms are available?

Sparrow Loans can lend for a term as little as 1 month up to 12 months. We do have the option to rollover facilities by an additional 12 months if required.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from $200,000 to $2.5 million as a secured property-backed loan.

Have questions? Our friendly team is available on 1800 258 374  weekdays 9 am – 5 pm AEST