The Case For Innovation

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Just like pressure creates diamonds, innovative businesses can emerge during crises.

In today’s challenging economic times, businesses are forced to adapt rapidly. Sour consumer confidence, a business environment rife with panic, and spending retreating like an aggressive tide have thrown away the ‘business as usual’ rulebook. We are playing a different game altogether now.

It’s sink or swim, or more aptly, innovate or stagnate.

And only one is being rewarded…

By prioritising innovation, you can drive growth well into the future.

In every crisis, there are equal parts danger and opportunity. This leaves us with an important choice: to pursue new ventures or get left behind.

We’ve seen companies pursuing opportunities many times before.

Google’s embrace of the internet saw the birth of a tech giant. The rise of the smartphone started Apple’s trillion-dollar journey to stock market royalty. And the launch of flat-pack furniture made a behemoth out of an unknown Swedish business.

All the best companies emerged from crisis and innovation. This is where Propti, Quickli and Kaddim come in. I want to spotlight innovative companies that Australian businesses can use to optimise their workflows and become more robust, harnessing their innovative product offering.

Let’s get into what makes them unique.

Propti is an agile and digitally native business that simplifies the process of obtaining valuations.

Propti offers a comprehensive database of property reports and valuations at the tap of a button. It drives innovation through its diversity and comparison superpowers, showing you the best valuers for your needs.

Founded in 2019, the business was born digital. It has a sleek website, and applying is quicker than preparing a cup of instant noodles. All you need to do is type in the property address, tick a few simple boxes, and you are ready to go. You can generate depreciation reports, valuations, and QS reports from there.

The range of options Propti pulls together makes it a property reporting Swiss Army Knife.

You choose from a broad range of valuers and stay in the driver’s seat the whole way through, taking as much ownership of the relationship as you want. There’s no doubt that Propti is a disruptor in the field. It prides itself on speed and efficiency by taking the guesswork out of valuations. But it also works on delivering the right solution. One which works for its clients.

Propti vets the valuers on its database to ensure they have the proper insurance to work with private lenders. This has been a significant barrier in the past, so knowing with certainty that a valuer can work with you is critical.

Propti has flipped valuations on their head. It combines technical know-how, a vast professional network, and sharp customer service to offer a new way to obtain valuations and property reports. For lenders and brokers, its operational efficiencies and effortless service offer you access to a qualified valuer or property expert while obtaining your reports with a fast turnaround. With access to crucial information such as expertise, pricing and turnaround times at scale, Propti is an ideal partner throughout the process.

Kaddim automates document collection and turns an arduous task into a few simple clicks.

Getting information and collecting client documents can feel like a never-ending chase. While we want a tightly run relay, it often turns into a messy dance of flying batons. That’s where Kaddim comes in. Kaddim brings together customer reminders, document sharing, and client portals to one platform so you can stay on top of your document collection.

Like Propti, Kaddim is a company born in the digital age, where file management and intuitive workflows are key drivers of innovation. It delivers a streamlined document collection process with sleek interfaces.

But how does it work?

Brokers that sign up to the platform can also create template documents around their internal workflows and personalise them to match the business’ branding. The templates allow you to send documents en masse to clients, which is especially useful for workflow-driven businesses.

Bringing it to email functionality, Kaddim allows you to build branded and personalised email templates. This ensures clients are met with consistent imaging in your communication and instils confidence in your brand.

Once emails are sent, Kaddim allows you to collect bank statements, send payment requests, and ask for identification securely and quickly. It is as simple as ticking a box, thanks to smart integrations. To make your life even easier, Kaddim’s analytics help you can keep tabs on where your clients are at in the pipeline. Have they opened the email? Have they submitted some or all of the documents you requested? You have access to the behind-the-scenes information, saving you valuable time.

For any business dealing with painful processing times or a large volume of documents, Kaddim is a must-have.

Quickli is a game changer for serviceability assessments in private lending.

Quickli streamlines all of your serviceability calculations into a simple web interface, bringing together a complex workload in just one tab.

For brokers and commercial finance professionals, it allows you to economise your time like never before. All you need to do is enter your data once and get an accurate view of serviceability across multiple lenders. Currently, they have 25 lenders – including the big four banks – and they have plans to add more.

The beauty of Quickli is that its usefulness grows with the business itself.

As more finance providers join the platform, your serviceability comparisons become more useful, giving you a comprehensive overview of the financial landscape. This adds exceptional value for your clients, as they can be confident you have scoured the market for the best option.

Furthermore, Quickli has a wide variety of data inputs for you to generate a more personalised assessment for your clients. The categories offer forensic levels of detail for everything from living expenses categories to debt burden to ownership splits. Headache-inducing in the past, Quickli ensures the calculations are done for you. This saves you the hassle of generating ten different Excel spreadsheets and loading multiple broker portals to determine a borrower’s serviceability. With Quickli, there is no risk of a computer crash thwarting a day’s worth of work at the last second of your application. Furthermore, it takes human error out of the calculation and allows you to adjust on the fly without ruining your past work.

Quickli has an innovative product offering but underpinned by expert industry knowledge. Quickli offers relevant policy advice and credit insights curated for the lenders you are assessing. This keeps your workflow uninterrupted and reduces the likelihood of missing a crucial detail. It also keeps a permanent record of your scenarios. This is a godsend for brokers, who must review structures with their clients often.

We said before that pressure can make diamonds out of coal.

Challenging times bring out the best in businesses and drive innovation from which we can all benefit.

Private lenders and commercial finance professionals should use this to their advantage. Moving with the times and embracing emergent technology will keep you one step ahead of the curve. Whenever we are faced with a crisis, there is danger and opportunity. Improving your workflows and productivity will make you resilient to danger and able to squeeze every drop out of an opportunity that you can.

Propti, Kaddim, and Quickli are all innovative businesses that could transform your workflow.

About the author

Ulrika Lobo

Ulrika Lobo is the lending specialist at Sparrow Loans and has over ten years of experience in the commercial business loan space. Ulrika co-founded Sparrow Loans to provide Australian SMEs with a faster and easier way to access finance. Ulrika is responsible for managing the lending process from underwriting to execution and settlement and post-settlement support.