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Tax office after you? Need to pay your latest tax bills, IAS or BAS?

We provide tax debt restructure loans to get the tax office off your back quickly! Our aim is to achieve the best possible tax debt outcome for you so you can stop the anxiety and get back to building your business.

The Sparrow Loans Advantage

A smooth experience from start to finish; helping you pay your business tax debts to the ATO.

Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We assess your application quickly and will come back to you within 2 business days. That's how fast we are at Sparrow Loans.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


Whether you are a business borrower or a referral partner, you will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you through the application process.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We work hard to give you a smooth application process with clear requirements. You can be sure that our funds are ready to settle when your tax debt loan is approved.

Are you a business owner needing extra cash to pay off overdue tax bills with no hidden fees, surprises or hassle?

To get started you need
An ABN or ACN | To be registered for GST | Australian based

Key Features

  • Interest Rates from 6.5% p.a.
  • Up to 75% LVR
  • No minimum term
  • No application or commitment fees
  • Approval within 2 business days
  • NSW, VIC & QLD Property accepted
  • Flexible Repayments available
  • Quick release of funds

Our Tax Debt Business Loans

  • How can you use our property-backed tax debt business loans?

It can be challenging to plan for tax because it does creep up on you. Most banks and major lenders have strict tax debt requirements, so if you have a large amount outstanding to the ATO, you find yourself in default of your loan with the bank. If you have property security that you can lean on and have a significant tax debt to pay, we can refinance your tax debt through our tax debt restructure loans. As a private lender, we can approve your loan within 2 business days and settle within a few weeks.

It is impossible to secure a facility with a bank if you have unattended outstanding tax debt. Planning your tax by strategically utilising your property and a private lender like Sparrow Loans to restructure your ATO obligations will help you secure a more suitable loan facility with your preferred bank in the future.


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Why choose us?

  • Choose your tax debt loan term

Whether you need a tax debt business loan for 1 month or 12 months, we give you the flexibility to choose your loan term. When the banks cannot help, as a boutique private lender, we can refinance your tax debt from the banks to release your property equity and restructure your business.

With a private lender on your side, you can jump on an investment opportunity or strategically consolidate your loans to re-build up your financials to go back to the bank.

Your company must be at least 12 months old to access our tax debt business loans. You must register for GST and domiciled in Australia with Australian directors. We lend against property located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We can consider property in metro locations up to 70% LVR and regional locations up to 65% LVR.


Apply for your business tax debt loan in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Complete our loan application form online – this takes about 5 minutes

Step 2

Get a Letter of Offer within 2 business days with our rates, fees & any additional information required to proceed to unconditional approval.

Step 3

Receive the funds for your business tax debt within 2 weeks.

Business Tax Debt Loan Requirements

  • Current ABN
  • Current Australian business address
  • Registered for GST
  • All directors and owners of the business to be Australia-based
  • Must be in business for at least 12 months
  • Property security
  • Loan Serviceability (if the interest is not capitalised within the loan facility)
  • Clear exit strategy

Tax Debt Business Loan FAQs

See some of the questions and helpful answers we get asked all the time by customers who need business tax debt relief help.

What is a business tax debt?

A business tax debt is when you owe the ATO or the Australian Tax Office money. It could be GST, payroll tax, BAS statements, instalment activity statements or end of year tax debts. Let’s be absolutely clear here; the ATO will pursue your business for these outstanding debts relentlessly and has the power to liquidate your business to recover these funds.

Can a business tax debt be written off?

The ATO may decide to write the business debt off if it feels that it’s not commercially viable for them to pursue the debt. However, this could mean that your business is declared insolvent and you could be declared bankrupt. This can cause repercussions in the future for your personal and professional life. It is best to avoid getting in trouble with the ATO.

Can you help my type of business?

Sparrow Loans can help most Australian businesses with their tax debt issue, regardless of the size or turnover or how complex the actual debt is. In our years of experience helping companies throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, we will always help where we can.

Why shouldn’t I go to my accountant for advice on my business tax debt?

Your accountant is probably the first place you should go to for advice! However, they are not a lender or understand the range of lending products available in the market. They may recommend that you go to the bank to restructure your tax debt. You can always try the bank however if timing is crucial, keep in mind that going to a bank is a lengthy process (and they still might not loan you the money). If you want to get the ATO off your back immediately to get on with your life and manage your business, Sparrow Loans can help.

How much will it cost for a business tax debt loan?

Sparrow Loans offers free no-obligation consultations to discuss your tax debt options and solutions. If you decide to proceed after that meeting, we get on with the paperwork, and there is no upfront fee. We believe our costs and prices are reasonable and very competitive, and we put together a Letter of Offer for your consideration before you make any commitment.

Can I ignore my business tax debt?

Perhaps, but should you ignore your tax debt? Probably not! If your debt accumulates and you leave it unpaid, the ATO may start proceedings to get their funds, which may mean you have to close the business or declare yourself bankrupt.

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How quickly can you pay off my tax debt?

Once you fill out the application form you can generally expect to have your approval within 2 business days. From there it’s a matter of a week or two to get your money and get the tax office off your back.

Have questions? Our friendly team is available on 1800 258 374  weekdays 9 am – 5 pm AEST