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Creditors hassling you daily? Can’t pay your business bills? ATO chasing you for tax debts? Need cash fast? Has someone put a caveat on your property?

We can help with restructuring creditors with a property-backed, secured short term business loan.

Sparrow Loans provide business owners with short term business loans of up to $2.5 Million with no minimum loan period. We have helped many Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane business owners grow and expand businesses with our quick and easy short term loans. Short term business loans from Sparrow Loans will give your business the freedom it needs to buy stock, inventory, pay rent, wages, spruce up your shop or office, extra cash to market your business or pay business tax debts.

Whatever you need your short term business loans for, Sparrow Loans is here to help. We love to look after our customers by offering flexible loans options and superior client service that help to sustain and build your business. Your application will take less than 5 minutes, and you will get your short term business loan within a couple of weeks (and approval in 48 hours) so you can buy whatever you need.

How to Apply for a Short Term Business Loans?

To apply for short-term business funding, it’s easy.

  1. Fill out the online pre-approval which only takes 5 minutes to complete – it’s super-easy!
  2. Your personal account manager at Sparrow Loans, will give you an instant pre-approval decision upon completing your online application form.
  3. If you are a successful loan applicant, you will be notified within 48 hours.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to apply for a short term business loan through our website. Filling out the pre-approval form places you under no obligation and it’s 100% totally FREE to continue with the loan process. And thanks to our world-class approval algorithms, we’re able to provide you with a pre-approval decision ASAP – we are that fast!

Are you a small business owner needing a short term business loan with no hidden fees, surprises or hassle?

To get started you need
An ABN or ACN | To be registered for GST | Australian based

The Sparrow Loans Advantage for your short term business loan.

No missed business opportunities with Sparrow Loans working by your side. When the banks say no, we say yes! Apply for short term business loans for business growth and extra cash in a fraction of the time. We are fast, hassle-free and super-friendly.

Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We assess your short term business loan application quickly and will come back to you within 2 business days.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


Whether you are a business borrower or a referral partner, you will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you through the application process.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We work hard to give you a smooth application process with clear requirements. You can be sure that our funds are ready to settle when your loan is approved.

Key Features

  • Interest Rates from 6.5% p.a.
  • Up to 75% LVR
  • No minimum term
  • No application or commitment fees
  • Approval within 2 business days
  • NSW, VIC & QLD Property accepted
  • Flexible Repayments available
  • Quick release of funds

Our Short Term Business Loans

Our short term business loan application process can be done online in only a few minutes, plus once approved, you can expect to receive your funds very quickly.

Buisness loans - Sparrow Loans

How can you use our short term business loans?

As a business, you can come across investment opportunities to help you take your business to the next level, whether it is a new warehouse facility, a new office space or an expansion. Sparrow Loans can help you secure a short term business loan to secure your new investment, pay off nasty debts or help your business grow.

As a private lender in Sydney, we can approve your loan within 48 hours and settle within a few weeks. Fulfil your business vision knowing that you have your funding sorted!

We can also help you with a short term business loan to upgrade the property and put some finishing touches right before selling your property. With our capitalised property loans, you can plan and match your sales schedule to your loan term. You can take advantage of our flexible repayment structures to make your property look its best to achieve the best price in the market.

If you are looking to upgrade your office fit-out or expand your business using equipment finance, you might find some requirements for the equipment’s age and condition that limit your choices. Releasing your property’s equity can be one way to overcome any restrictive conditions.

If you have any significant equipment upgrades, expansions, fit-outs or equipment loan refinancing on the horizon, Sparrow Loans is ready to help with our property-backed short term business loans.

Business Lending Options - what's the best for you?

Business Lending Options – what’s the best for you?

  • Flexible repayment options for your short term business loan

Our flexible repayment options allow you to capitalise all costs into your loan facility, which doesn’t affect your current cash flow and business planning. You can use our property-backed business loans to finance your CapEx as well. If you have any upgrades, renovations, fit-outs or non-structural improvements on the horizon, Sparrow Loans are ready to help.

  • Choose your loan term

Whether you need a loan for one month or 12 months, we give you the flexibility to choose your loan term. Your company must be at least 12 months old to access our property-backed short term business loans. You must register for GST and domiciled in Australia with Australian directors. We lend against property located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We can consider property in metro locations up to 75% LVR and regional locations up to 65% LVR.

Apply in 3 easy steps for your short term business loan

Step 1

Complete our short term loan application form online – this takes about 5 minutes

Step 2

Get a Letter of Offer within 2 business days with our rates, fees & any additional information required to proceed to unconditional approval.

Step 3

Receive your short term loan within 2 weeks.


  • Current ABN
  • Current Australian business address
  • Registered for GST
  • All directors and owners of the business to be Australia-based
  • Must be in business for at least 12 months
  • Property security
  • Loan Serviceability (if the interest is not capitalised within the loan facility)
  • Clear exit strategy

Short Term Business Loans FAQs

See some questions we get asked all the time by businesses looking for a short term loan.


Why choose Sparrow Loans for your short term business loan?

Choosing Sparrow Loans for your short term business loan means that you get a dedicated lending specialist that can guide you through the lending process. Many businesses might not know where to go or turn to when they need extra cash, and the thought of borrowing money can be terrifying. At Sparrow Loans, we understand that you might be borrowing money for your business as it’s undergoing financial hardship. So, we can recommend the best loan products to suit your businesses circumstances. We are fast, flexible and super-responsive to your calls and emails. This is why we are Australia’s preferred short term lending specialists for most businesses.

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What is a short term business loan?

A short term business loan allows businesses to borrow a set amount of money upfront and pay it back with interest over a period of time. As the name suggests, it’s a short term business loan and is therefore for a short term between 3 to 12 months. Short term loans are an excellent way for businesses to get their hands on cash quickly to buy inventory, stock, pay off debts, creditors or secure a property. All the short term business loans we offer at Sparrow Loans are secured business loans via an asset such as your property.

Reasons why your business may want a short term business loan.

There are so many reasons why a business would need to get a small business loan from a private lender like Sparrow Loans. Following are a few scenarios businesses may find themselves needing extra cash for the short term.

  1. You have a seasonal business and require extra money to see you through the quiet times/season.
  2. You need to manage cash flows better and need additional funds to get you through a quiet period in the business.
  3. You want to upgrade or purchase new equipment, software, machinery or inventory.
  4. Clients haven’t paid on time, which means that you don’t have the cash you expected to have.
  5. You need to hire staff quickly as the business is booming.
  6. You have a bad credit history, and you can’t get access to funds from traditional lenders like banks.
  7. You have asked family and friends for money, but they can’t lend it to you, which is why a private lender is perfect.
How much can I borrow for a short term business loan?

With a secured short term business loan, you can comfortably borrow up to $2.5 million for your business, secured by property that you may own directly or indirectly. And the beauty is there is no minimum loan period so you only pay for what you use.

Do I have to have good credit rating to apply for a short term buisness loan?

At Sparrow Loans, we do not take your credit history into account when you apply for a short term business loan so long as you can secure the loan against an asset. Our flexibility means you can have approval for your loan within 2 business days, regardless of your previous credit history or credit rating. We are different from banks that will require a solid credit & trading history before they loan you the money – this is the Sparrow Loans advantage as we only require an asset such as property as security against the loan.

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Have questions about your next short term business loan? Our friendly team is available on 1800 258 374  weekdays 9 am – 5 pm AEST