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Simplify your repayments with our commercial debt consolidation business loans, where you can restructure current liabilities fast.

Are your bad debts growing too high? Tax office after you? Customers not paying? Bills mounting up?

As a private lender, we can approve your debt consolidation business loan within 2 business days and have your loan settled within a few weeks.

Do You Need To Consolidate Your Business Debts?

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Business Debt Consolidation loans are helpful for businesses in the following financial situations:

Do you have multiple loans?

Are you making multiple repayments on business loans? If so, a Sparrow Business Debt Consolidation Loan can help you combine all these outstanding debts into one neat loan package. You can now manage one loan instead of feeling overwhelmed by multiple loans with excessive fees and higher interest rates.

Does your business need extra cash?

If you already have multiple loans but need extra capital to help manage cash flows, a secured business loan can help you find that extra money. When the big banks turn you down, Sparrow Loans is here is help your business grow.

Stop paying excessive interest rates! 

Is your current interest rates too high and uncompetitive? Stop paying business debts with your credit card. Sparrow Loans can help you consolidate all your business debts into one easy to manage secured business loan. We love helping Australian entrepreneurs and businesses achieve financial success through bespoke debt consolidation loan solutions.

Are you a business owner needing a debt consolidation business loan with no hidden fees, surprises or hassle?

To get started you need
An ABN or ACN | To be registered for GST | Australian based

The Sparrow Loans Advantage

A smooth experience from start to finish for your debt consolidation business loans.

Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We assess your debt consolidation application quickly and will come back to you within 2 business days.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


Whether you are a business borrower or a referral partner, you will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you through the application process with your debt loan.
Buisness loans by Sparrow Loans


We work hard to give you a smooth application process with clear requirements. You can be sure that our funds are ready to settle when your debt consolidation business loan is approved.

Key Features for Debt Consolidation Business Loans

  • Interest Rates from 6.5% p.a.
  • Up to 75% LVR
  • No minimum term
  • No application or commitment fees
  • Approval within 2 business days
  • NSW, VIC & QLD Property accepted
  • Flexible Repayments available
  • Quick release of funds

Our Debt Consolidation Business Loans

Debt Consolidation Busines Loans - Sparrow Loans

How can you use our property-backed debt consolidation loans business loans?

The costs to extend your accounts payable, trade finance facility, equipment loans and other asset-stacked loans can add up. Many business owners can struggle to manage debt obligations with many financiers. As a business owner, you can consolidate your loans and lean on your property’s equity to streamline your loans with a debt consolidation loan.

What are the benefits of secured debt refinancing?

Refinancing your business debts with a debt consolidation business loan gives you lots more control, peace of mind and flexibility than your original debt arrangements. In most cases, refinancing all your debts into one tidy loan will result in lower monthly interest charges. In addition, having one single payment plan frees up your business to manage cash flows more effectively.

Unlike many debt agreements, Sparrow Loans debt consolidation business loans are simple, easy to understand and 100% transparent, so you will be able to control your loan term, repayment schedule and have clarity around monthly interest rate repayments. It’s a win-win!

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Why choose us?

  • Our flexible repayment options

If you are grappling with managing multiple loan repayments, consider a Sparrow Loans commercial debt consolidation loan to help you simplify your business. Consolidating your loans can help you restructure your current liabilities more cost-effectively and get ready for a bank facility.

  • Choose your loan term for your debt consolidation

Whether you need a loan for 1 month or 12 months, we give you the flexibility to choose your loan term. Your company must be at least 12 months old to access our debt consolidation business loans. You must register for GST and domiciled in Australia with Australian directors. We lend against property located in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We can consider property in metro locations up to 70% LVR and regional locations up to 65% LVR.

Apply in 3 easy steps for your Debt Consolidation Business Loan

Step 1

Complete our loan application form online – this takes about 5 minutes

Step 2

Get a Letter of Offer with our rates, fees & any additional information required to proceed to unconditional approval.

Step 3

Receive your funds within 2 weeks.

Debt Consolidation Business Loan Requirements

  • Current ABN
  • Current Australian business address
  • Registered for GST
  • All directors and owners of the business to be Australia-based
  • Must be in business for at least 12 months
  • Property security
  • Loan Serviceability (if the interest is not capitalised within the loan facility)
  • Clear exit strategy

Debt Consolidation Business Loans FAQs

See some of the most commonly asked questions we get from clients about our debt consolidation business loans.

What is a debt consolidation loan for business?

Debt consolidation business loans are a great way to combine all your business loans and debts, even business tax debts, into one easy repayment loan. The beauty of a debt consolidation business loan is that all your debts are in one place under one loan and only one interest rate, which is generally lower than your paying interest rates. It also takes the pressure off you as you pay off all your creditors and nasty harassing phone calls and are left to focus on your business.

If you have tax debts, supplier debts or owe your staff money such as superannuation or holiday pay, then a business debt consolidation loan is perfect. You don’t have to juggle separate payment schedules.

Why consolidate my business loans?

Having one business debt consolidation loan in most cases outweighs the benefits of having lots of little loans.

  • It will save you money in the long term by having lower interest rates and most likely fewer fees to pay in one loan vs fees that may be charged across multiple loans.
  • One business consolidation loan is much easier to manage than multiple loans – just one monthly repayment. Plus, you can manage cash flows easier as all loans are in one place.
  • Setting up a repayment schedule is easy as you only have one loan and not multiple loans with many people you have to deal with.
  • One easy-to-manage loan will help you improve your credit rating if you repay this loan on time, rather than worrying about multiple repayment dates and potential defaults that can make a mark on your credit history.
How much can I borrow for my business debt consolidation loan?

You can borrow between $200,000 and $2,500,000. When you submit your application, we’ll let you know how much we’re able to lend you based on your business financial figures and position.

Why should I use Sparrow Loans over other lenders?

A massive difference between Sparrow Loans and other private lenders is that we don’t charge any hidden fees whatsoever. We are known for keeping our pricing 100% transparent, so you know exactly how much our business consolidation loans cost. We don’t charge upfront application or commitment fees, or hefty exit fees.

How is Sparrow Loans different to a traditional bank?

We are super fast and can have your debt consolidation business loan approved within 2 business days, where a bank may take anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. Plus, they might not approve your loan. So you’ve waited all that time without approval which adds to stress and anxiety. With a traditional loan, you have so much more paperwork, hidden fees and waiting times. You know how banks can be; frustrating and bureaucratic. With Sparrow Loans, you know what’s happening every step of the way and know exactly where you stand. We are here to help you grow your business, and if for some reason we cannot help we will always let you know straightaway.

Do debt consolidation loans help your credit score?

Business debt loan consolidation has both the potential to help your credit score and hurt it at the same time depending on the timing of your cash flow. The extent to which it affects your credit score will depend on how proactive you are at maintaining your interest repayments once you have consolidated the loans. It will help with your credit score if you are diligent, but if you start slacking off and missing repayments, this will have a larger opposite effect. But most people don’t get a debt consolidation loan to help with their credit score; it’s usually a by-product benefit of this as it simplifies your repayments. Most businesses opt for a consolidated debt to help reduce hefty interest fees from using a credit card or other loan facilities and minimise the number of loan facilities, terms and conditions that they need to monitor.

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When is it a good idea to consolidate business debt?

It’s prudent to consolidate your business debts if you are feeling overwhelmed by the various loans you currently have; all with varying interest rates and monthly instalments falling due on different dates. For peace of mind consolidating all your loans into one loan package is easier to manage in terms of cash flows.

If you are at a stage where you are refinancing or purchasing a property, refinancing some expensive cash flow loans into your property loan settlement might also be an attractive option to minimise the cost of interest. Sparrow Loans can help you with this!

How often can you consolidate business debt?

You can consolidate your business debts as many times as you like. Once you establish a decent repayment schedule with your private lender and you can show that you are able to repay your monthly interest fees off your loans, you can apply for more money. Remember all Sparrow Loans debt consolidation business loans are secured and are property backed.

Have questions? Our friendly team is available on 1800 258 374  weekdays 9 am – 5 pm AEST